Developing Your Eye: Photography Day 1

Today’s assignment is: What does home look like to you?

I am so non-mechanical that cameras are hard for me to understand. We recently had to purchase a new “family” camera because  of a sort of funny incident.

We had our two granddaughters up here for the month of July and the younger one had a birthday during that month. Well, while they were here I had t hem working on a scrapbook about t he things they were doing while with grandma and grandpa and so there were a ready supply of poster paper, fancy schmancy scissors, photos printed of the days adventures along with color crayons, colored pencils, glitter and glue.

During the birthday party, which included a wide variety of seafood, including Dungeness crab and local oysters, the girls wrote a “sign” (I don’t recall what it said, something along the lines of “Hit me”) and secretly taped it onto grandpa’s behind.

Now, due to the giggles and guilty looks, grandpa knew something was up. The oldest grabbed the camera to get a shot of grandpa’s backside and was doing her best to aim when grandpa suddenly began grabbing his backside. “What’s this,” he asked, tearing the sign off his butt and reading what it said. In keeping with the  occasion he took two strides towards the girls and the guilty one–the one attempting to film the incident for posterity, did what any guilty granddaughter would do.

She totally forgot she had the camera in her hands, flung the extra “thing” she was holding, turned, and giggling, ran as fast as she could the opposite way.

But those are the things life is made of. Like sweet and sour sauce, salt and pepper. Did we let that ruin the party? Of course not. It didn’t even stop us from having adventures. We just used an old standby camera until we bought another camera.

Home is sharing a place you love with those you love.

We could camp inside here! Photo by Lenee Cobb
Ah, and who lives here? Photo by Lenee Cobb

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