Writing Life Stories: June 23, 2015

How’s everybody doing at keeping cooled off? I’m not handling the heat too well. I never have. Perhaps it’s because my body temperature adjusted to Alaska’s cooler summers when I was a child and never snapped out of it to tolerate such heat. I was really feeling the sizzle today (Thursday.) During Tuesday’s class at Shipley Center I was asked if the building had air conditioning. I have it on good authority that yes, in fact, it is. So next week’s class should see us surviving, that is, if we make it through this weekend. Speaking of heat, over 800 … Continue reading Writing Life Stories: June 23, 2015

Memory Triggers: 6/23/15

From Instructor: • Drought experiences • Competitive people vs teamwork • Liars • Dares • Bullies • Heroes From Classmates: • Sister • School bus incidents • Getting in trouble for not telling parents • Competitive people, including children • Children interfering with the raising of other siblings • Doctors • Forest fires • Tricycles • First pet Continue reading Memory Triggers: 6/23/15

Motion in Photography

Ah, motion, the thing this grandma has a hard time with in her photographs. Using the different settings on my camera confuses me. I’m a point and shoot type of photographer who aims for decent composition but am in no way mechanically-minded enough to figure out what to do with the camera’s direction booklet as it relates to picture taking. Last time I made an effort, I had to have my daughter fix the camera so I could even use it again. (Both my son and daughter are camera-geeks. But because they’re not close-at-hand anymore, I dare not screw things … Continue reading Motion in Photography

Blogs I Love

This was supposed to be for an assignment for blogging 101 that I never got around to writing. It wasn’t because I never read anyone’s blog; it was because I failed to notate my reading/viewing journey(s.) I do enjoy looking at photos others take. There are plenty of amateur photographers here and of those, I’m one. But there are also those here who  have honed their skills and present t hem here for us to admire and shoot towards.  Mr. Funk Photography is a favorite blog to visit for this. His photo title “It was a Sunny Day” is one … Continue reading Blogs I Love

Memory Triggers: June 16, 2015

June 16, 2015: Triggers Instructor • Player pianos • Dowry • Black sheep • Blind justice Classmates • Marriage ended • Dumped in strange city • Los Angeles • New England • Petunia • Favorite pet • Camping • Opera • Favorite place for happiness • Relatives • Music lessons • Ford • Detroit • Model T • Georgia Continue reading Memory Triggers: June 16, 2015