Hello, I’m Lenee Cobb of A Writer’s Helper.

This About page is something I’ve postponed for a long time,  edited numerous times, and am nervous about you reading. Okayheregoes . . .

Daddy reading Aladdin to me when I was around three.
Daddy reading Aladdin to me when I was around three.

About writing
Books were a main source of entertainment for me as I sat in the back seat of the blue ’64 Thunderbird while my family traveled along the endless stretches of lonesome highway between South Carolina, Oklahoma and Idaho. Oil drills, endless prairies and tumbleweeds gave way to the Wizard of Oz and Tom Sawyer.

One of my grandpas could relate. He gave me a little painted wooden shoe and told me the tale of the Lost Dutchman’s Mine while we crept around an old ghost town in the middle of some dry, half-forgotten nowhere.  After his rum-running years, he kept his still in his bedroom closet. My other grandpa owned a number of dance hall/gambling joints and supplied rodeos with livestock. Their wives and children were no bores. When my relatives didn’t have a great yarn going, their friends did.

Like other little kids, I listened so intently to all the stories the adults told that pretty soon they learned they had to watch what they said. The grownups claimed, “She has a memory like an elephant, and ears to match.”

My mother admonished me more than once, “Shush! Children are to be seen and not heard.”

So I kept real quiet sitting on the couch in the living room pretending to watch the Lone Ranger that time when Grandma had her friend in the kitchen with my mom and I heard Grandma say, “Hush or she’ll hear ya. Now, Peggy, we gotta speak igpay atinlay . . . ”

Peggy said, “What? What did you say?”

I glanced in the kitchen and saw my mom roll her eyes before she turned her back to me. “Pig Latin, Peggy. It’s Pig Latin.”

I kept my right ear tuned in to their loud whispering. Peggy was a slow learner and I’m grateful to her for that. Knowing this new secret language served me well.

I desire to write like the authors I love to read. I enjoy the challenge writing presents and love learning, asking questions, and listening. No one person knows everything about writing. There’s a beauty in that, to me, knowing the very best aren’t perfect. We must become friends with the mechanics of writing, accepting those as challenges with a writer’s heart.

What’s your About Me as a writer story? Where can we read it?

Comment, if you will constructively, upon my scribbles. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading.

For those interested in my business website, go to: awritershelper.com
–Leneé (coach Cobb)

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29 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh my….where to begin! Sometimes you read a blog and you just connect! Read your About and your blogging 101 entries. I’m new to writing poetry (February) and to this blogging world (March). Enjoying both immensely. In my rejuvenation period (see my About), I enjoy my morning coffee in this corner of cyberspace.
    Loved your story about sitting watching tv and hearing the conversation in the background — I was a huge fan of the Lone Ranger. My best friend Junie preferred Roy Rogers. Really? I never did go for Trigger. I also remember Pig Latin so well….but for me, I was absolutely certain my mom and dad did not understand it. Of course, I never could figure out how they knew so much 🙂 My 4 year old granddaughter has created a banana language…..and only she understands it. hmmmm…wondering where her little mind will take her as she grows up!
    But mostly, mostly, I’m identifying with “sister school”, 4th grade in a Catholic grade school, penmanship and those “speckled composition books”! I have one beside me right now 🙂 Sister John Gulbert was my favorite……I always wondered if she had real legs and real hair under her habit.
    Last bit of connection — teacher of writing. I always told my students that writing is really learning how to edit 🙂 Just get the words on the paper…and then after that, you really start writing.
    Will meander some more around your site….stop by for a morning chat if the spirit moves you. Always enjoy sharing my early morning cup of coffee — or evening glass of wine for that matter!

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    1. I look forward to visiting with you and reading your blog. 🙂 I have a busy day or 2–clients and a new session of classes began in Writing Life Stories at Shipley Center. But I’ll be there! Look for me. 🙂

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  2. What a treat to tootle around on your blog. I loved reading your About page and hearing about your parents and grandparents – sounds like a wild ride!

    500 miles really struck a chord with me. My parents are 80 and 82. Neither have had any major health issues but I can’t fathom what that will be like.

    Keep writing – you had me right there on that train with you humming and singing right along.


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  3. Wow! Your site is quite inspirational. I wonder if mine will ever evolve to your standard. Hope you don’t mind that take some inspiration from it. Mine is very new and I’ll be publishing short stories – just to give people a feel for my writing style. I’m currently writing my first novel. I’ll have to come back to yours. This is good stuff!

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  4. Hi Lenee,
    I love your blog. Really inspirational, and I can relate really well to it. I’m looking forward to reading more and applying some of your insights to myself to develop as a writer!

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  5. thank you for sharing so honestly your story. I too was told that “Children are to be seen and not heard.” many times by father. These words impacted on my younger sister and I negatively and as a result we have difficulty in expressing ourselves fully. Only now at 51 do I feel confident enough to share my feelings through the written word.

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