Those Blurred Moments

The Daily Post weeekly photo challenge: Focus

This week, show us your favorite in-focus and out-of-focus moments.

I do have a few favorite out-of-focus moments.

Sometimes if they’re unfocused I can posterize them.

Great grandpa 1
Great Grandpa visiting one of his great grand-kids.


Snowy Christmas 1

Wagon Wheel 1
Pioneer wagon wheel up Palo Alto Rd in Sequim. Photo by Lenee Cobb. I think I used a torn paper filter on this one. 

Scott n Charlies 3

And then there is this one t hat remains one of my favorite ones:

Dinner at the Elwha. Photo by either Callie Cobb or Kyla Ford


Perhaps I will get to the clear images tomorrow. I hope you’ve enjoyed these.


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