I’d Like You to Meet

I’d like to introduce my readers to some people who are inspiring and wonderful. Their entire stories, which I encourage you to read, are found in my blog page “Interesting People.”  But, their stories happened to be the first blog posts I published and I haven’t noticed anyone visit there. (Yet.) Kind Reader, here they are: Doctor Mary Groda Lewis and Jill Foster, two extraordinary women. Famous Doctor Opens Doors to the Heart By Leneé Cobb First published 2001 in the Sequim Gazette Although I interviewed Dr. Mary years ago, she remains in my heart and continues to inspire so … Continue reading I’d Like You to Meet

If Vegetables Could Talk: The Jill Foster story

If Vegetables Could Talk The Jill Foster story By Leneé Cobb Jill Foster survived five brain aneurysms. Why should she be normal? She surveyed the room with calm authority and zeroed in on the stranger. Smiling real big, she walked over, and extended her hand. “Oh, hi! I’m Jill. It is so wonderful to finally meet you.” Two sentences later, her flaws were showing. She has a marked speech impediment. Why is it that we are drawn to imperfect people? She has trouble reading too. How then did she write a book? The right side of her body is paralyzed, … Continue reading If Vegetables Could Talk: The Jill Foster story