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This post is in response to Writing 201’s Day 5 assignment: Make the Most of Your Archives. The forget-me-not is my favorite flower, not only reminding me of my childhood in Alaskan mountains, but also of other stories I have to share.What better photo do I have reminding me about my archives? None I can think of. Let me remind readers that I’m relatively new at blogging and jumped in without any preconceived ideas about my blog’s organization. The fact that this blog can use improvement in that area prompted me to do some homework. Prior to receiving this assignment, … Continue reading About Blog Archives

Writing 101: Day 8: Once upon a Childhood Fragrance

Day Eight: Death to Adverbs Today’s Prompt: Go to a local café, park, or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see. Once upon a Childhood Fragrance By Leneé Cobb Spring floats upon the April breeze along this one section at our community park. It’s back here, along the stream as it meanders among tree roots and rocks. Every year I make it a point to hike to this specific area at the back of the park so I can breathe its peculiar fragrance. I know it comes from one of these trees growing along the banks … Continue reading Writing 101: Day 8: Once upon a Childhood Fragrance

Land of the Midnight Sun: Part 6

Land of the Midnight Sun Part 6 Chapter One: Cliffhangers and Heroes by Lenee Cobb   How many times, logically, should you have died? Can you count them on one hand, two? Did your survival ever depend upon the selflessness of another? Did they pay a price? Tonight, I want to pay tribute to a couple of heroes. October 1964 We have a green and white Chevy Nomad station wagon packed full from the back area to the luggage rack on top. Behind the station wagon sits a 24-foot trailer. All our valuables are in the trailer, fancy plates and … Continue reading Land of the Midnight Sun: Part 6

Land of the Midnight Sun Part 4

Part 4 The Aftermath Once again I must remind the reader that these memories are more scribbles than compositions. I am in the middle of teaching a class on writing life stories and am practicing what I preach. I’m trying to get it down and make it sensible. Help me by commenting, please. In Part 4, no names or detailed descriptions of people are included for reasons that, I trust, will become apparent. The earthquake happened in March, 1964. By fall 1964, dad was transferred to South Carolina. We did not stick around long enough to be a part of … Continue reading Land of the Midnight Sun Part 4

Land of the Midnight Sun Part 1

I am a survivor of the 1964 Alaskan earthquake. A publisher has spoken for the first printing rights to that specific story. The following tale is but a scribble still coming into composition. Readers bear with me here. Thanks. Part 1   Alaska. Even the name sounds icy. For me, a four-year-old steeped in stories of Santa Claus and Christmas trees; it was love at first sight. We arrived at Elmendorf Air Force Base when it was still summer, and I met my other first love, a neighbor boy, John. He was a year older than I was and could … Continue reading Land of the Midnight Sun Part 1

The Haunted Trailers

The Haunted Trailers 3/12/15 By Lenee Cobb This is an excerpt from Moonwalks and Unknowns featuring The Trespassers 1962 (I think.) Unbeknownst to me, my mom was pregnant with my first brother, Gerald. He was born in February, but he was the first baby born that year and because of that, he was the New Year Baby. My folks won some free gasoline for his birth. It was snowing the night he was born. I was at the hospital in the lobby where there was a TV and a couch and some chairs. Alice and Wonderland was on and it … Continue reading The Haunted Trailers