Blogging 101

Blogging 101 Day 4

Who is the target audience for your life stories?
By Leneé Cobb

An endearing memory on Sequim Bay. Photo by Grandma Lenee
An endearing memory on Sequim Bay. Photo by Grandma Lenee

I’m going to write about something we covered in class, something I cover in every class I give: When it comes to your life story (stories,) who is your target audience? The fact that I noticed a fellow blogger, one I enjoy following as a matter of fact, typed the words “target audience” in her blog’s title, and blogging 101’s assignment for day fours subject matter deals with target audience makes the timing pretty sweet for me.

It never fails to amuse me how, when folks attempt to write their life stories down, a great many of them fail to consider their target audience.

Let me ask a few questions, questions you need to know the answers to when writing your life stories.

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Blogging 101: Day 2

Assignment dealing with titles and taglines: If you’re already thrilled with your title or you want to do more, feel free to publish a post, too! Let readers know what inspired your title and tagline.

Scribble2: Art by Lenee Cobb
Scribble2: Art by Lenee Cobb

Titles and Taglines

Today on Blogging 101, we are going over titles and taglines. This information is great for those starting a blog. I wish I’d been able to take this course months ago. I figured out how to do go about finding w here to find how to do these things by exploration, trial and error.

• My URL:
• Title: Scribbles to Compositions
• Tagline: Encompassing the spectrum of writing

How I came up with my title

I wanted a title to reflect a mixture of writing and art and i just happened to be messing around with one of my scribble pictures at the time.

Scribble pictures

How many of you remember making scribble pictures in school? I spent fourth grade in a Catholic school in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We used those black and white speckled composition books for our homework and assignments and penmanship. But I, and many of my classmates, also used those composition books to draw and color scribble pictures.

As the sister taught us history and read stories to us, we’d begin by loose-drawing circle eights, over and over and over again and then apply colors to those enclosed spaces between the lines. There was a sort of comradery between the circle-eighters. Inspired by each other, we became more and more elaborate in our designs.

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Blogging 101 Day 1

just me
just me

I’m here at blogging 101 (and photo 101) because I’ve taken writing 101 and want to improve my blog, my writing, my exposure, and to meet and learn from fellow bloggers. I’m discovering a whole world of wonderful people and enjoy reading about their experiences and expertise.

Because I am a writing coach, writing is a topic of interest. However, my interests are varied. I’m also an artist, herbalist, adventurer in heart if no longer body, wife, mom, grandma, friend, and last but first of all I’m a basic Christian. My subject matter varies accordingly.

Recognize my header image? This (the wolves and cave,) is still a work in progress. Art by Lenee Cobb
Recognize my header image? This (the wolves and cave,) is still a work in progress. Art by Lenee Cobb

Throughout this next year I’d really like to discover what readers are interested in reading more about, whether it’s life stories or totally fictional goofy stuff, not that real life doesn’t include goofy stuff–mine certainly does. Writing 101 offered many challenges and I expect Blogging 101 will also.

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