Sequim Lavender

This past weekend was the Sequim Lavender Festival. I don’t know which has worse traffic, the Irrigation (Irritation) Festival or the Lavender Festival. Both are huge events for such a small town. For those of us living here, trying to make left hand turns onto the only connecting road (Highway 101) is near impossible. Twenty minute waits to make a left turn onto the highway while keeping your foot on the brake while you’re facing downhill anyway is frightening. Your legs and feet cramp up. Out-of-towners are always in a huge hurry and rarely if ever are they polite enough … Continue reading Sequim Lavender

Photo101: Day 2

Photo Assignment: Day Two: Street & Establishing Shots   Yes, this is the road I live on. I had some fun with photoshop on this picture I took of one of our neighbors training a new horse. It was just so story-bookie I had too do it. The man is well-known locally as Clallam County’s resident horse whisperer. One day, during our first winter here, when there was snow upon the ground, we awoke to the sound of bells and rushed outside and through the woods to the road to see what was the clatter. Jingling along the road were … Continue reading Photo101: Day 2

Famous Doctor Opens Doors to the Heart: Mary Groda Lewis

Famous Doctor Opens Doors to the Heart By Leneé Cobb First published 2001 in the Sequim Gazette Although I interviewed Dr. Mary years ago, she remains in my heart and continues to inspire so many people, people she’s met, people she never will. This morning, unbeknown to you, Mary Groda Lewis woke up wondering, “Who am I going to meet today? Who will I get to explore this world with?” The doors are now open to her practice as a family physician. Her office is located behind the Riptide restaurant in Sequim. Mary and her husband, David, moved here five … Continue reading Famous Doctor Opens Doors to the Heart: Mary Groda Lewis