Everyday Inspiration: Day 2

October 2016 Assignment:

Today, let’s write a list. Compiling a list is a way to let loose, unlock ideas, and free your mind. Today, write your own list on one of these topics:
o Things I Like
o Things I’ve Learned
o Things I Wish
o Things You’re Good At
There are no rules,. . .

I thought I’d take the “no rules” literally and make a list of a different, useful kind. Please let me know if you plan to use something as a springboard that inspired you from my topics, too. Share a link. I’d like to read what you write on them. What you write on a subject might serve as a springboard to me and visa-versa. Perhaps we can link our stories.

Also, please go ahead and comment on a subject you’d like to see me write about. Knowing someone would like to read what I write about a certain subject motivates me to write about it.


1. Darby O’Gill
2. Ma & Pa Kettle
3. Singing Songs in my Head
4. Gates/Signs
5. Newts
6. Escapism (listing to golden oldies)
7. Beauty vs Ethics
8. Bogachiel cougar spring
9. Big Foot Encounters (incl. stories of others: Happy Camper’s—slams door-gun thrown on couch, campers)
10. The dead, missing and found (Hama Hama, Brothers area/boulder creek)
11. A story where chimera’s roam and time is running out
12. Country shoot outs (the tale of Lost Mountain shoot out, tale of me vs man w/gun in hand, etc.)
13. Places below sea level
14. Full circle of Nalley’s
15. Ubar: ancient city (grandson of Noah)
16. Night with brother and granddaughter at Steilacoom
17. Reverse 911 calls
18. Chuckers
19. Mikeshrooms
20. Breaking and Entering (locking keys in homes, cars)
21. The Right to Refuse (business)
22. Horsetales/tails
23. Of Faith and Ferrys
24. Lodge of Legends (more in ALPHA 4414)
25. Religious: Pray that your flight may not be in winter
26. Teens and Driving Lessons
27. Old Time Lingo (more in ALPHA 4414)
28. What Did You Spend Your Money on When You Were Twelve? (Ding Dongs vs Frosted Animal Crackers)
29. Prairie Dogs
30. Myna Birds
31. Sparky the fire dog
32. Irrigation ditches
33. Grandma Monkey: forgotten on the side of the road, stranded in a 10×10 shack with a Doberman
34. The Disciplines (Talent/Directions: Earned or Learned)
35. Holographic projection projects incl. decoys, pastors, space ships, etc.
36. Electromagnetics
37. Unsavory clientele and your home based business
38. Fairy Houses
39. Folklore


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