Computer Art: My First Tries

This is my response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:  Aesthetic

Hello Readers. For about ten years I have wanted one of those “bamboo thingies” to play artist on my computer with. I’m an artist who has felt so very left behind. This year I hit the jackpot.

I now have a Wacom med. tablet and Corel Painter and an annual membership to Adobe for the works. On top of all this, I have a new camera. (Better late than never!) So I’m pretty excited.

What you are about to see are my very first tries…to see and check out my hand-eye coordination between drawing on a blank black surface while what I draw shows up on my computer screen. I know I have everything to learn but I think I can.

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Night Shift

Plein air colored pencil by Lenee Cobb

We’re camped at a place called Graves Creek. It’s midnight. The lantern glow and diminishing campfire flames, the nearby rush of river with rising shadows of mountains I can barely discern above silhouetted tree tops, and the oxygen-rich air of this rain-forest valley conspire to keep me awake by offering me an experience too wonderful to miss should I sleep.

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Beginning March 1st, I will be teaching art at Shipley Center.

Moon magic. 5×7 acrylic by Lenee Cobb

Because of that, I figured to add this page where I can post stuff about art.

A little about myself

I was a lucky kid. My mother enjoyed art enough to involve me in various art projects from a very young age. Thanks to her, I won my first art contest when I was in the fifth grade. I’d painted Merlin the Wizard from Disney’s Sword in the Stone movie with tempura paints on a white poster board. The prize was my first set of oil paints. What a prize!

I once earned a living specializing in works of wildlife and landscapes on commission done on various unique “canvasses,” some supplied by myself and others supplied by my clients.

 Canvases include t-shirts, saw blades, signs and conks. However, I also paint on typical things like canvas and various papers.

I enjoy using a variety of mediums in creating lifelike art, cartoon/fantasy art, and abstract art. I think my favorite type of art to create are those pieces that stem from a mixture of memory and imagination.

My people

Those who watch me drawing often witness me creating a face, a “someone.” They inevitably ask, “Who is that?”

It is never anyone. I do not do portraits of people. Once in a while I might create a caricature. Besides that, these images are always just what develops by doodling. I just thought I’d make that clear.


Art Classes

Beginning March 1st,2016, I will be teaching art at Shipley Center.

Session 1

Imagination and Control by Abstract

Playing with paint. This a miniature 30-second watercolor by Lenee Cobb

This session will include 4 projects and optional homework. One of those projects will be formatted to “give-back” to Shipley Center.


I’ll begin teaching technique and wrist control.

This is a fun class that emphasizes making what, at first, appears to be a mess instead of a “pretty” picture.

We’ll practice arm and wrist movements, brush control, and develop better skills to use  on more detailed pieces.

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