My granddaughter expresses my feelings to a tee.

It pays to check on your WordPress sites. One of mine was hacked. I have not yet checked them all.

I’ve been busy this past year  working on projects that kept me away from the computer. This evening I thought to check on my sites here and at GoDaddy (GD) under my “scribbles to compositions dot com.” Imagine my shock when (at my GD WordPress site) I saw a bunch of posts there that I never wrote! Those posts even had comments. Hundreds of them.

Some thief somehow hacked in and used my site to write their own articles (honestly, I didn’t bother looking at them all individually but most appeared to be (bad) writing advise) and the hacker substituted their email address for mine. They got away with this for a number of months.

I want to apologize to my readers for any “advice” they may have received from this hackster (at my dot com site) beginning in March 2018 .

I could not delete their entries nor change the thief from receiving emails.

I’m sick to my stomach about it.  I will soon be putting something else up over there that GD said cannot get hacked. (GD only sort of subcontracts with WordPress.) So I had them  take my site completely and immediately down. I had prepaid for WordPress there for a number of years. GD suggested I apply the funds to one of their website builders that they can control and stay away from WordPress, there, which they cannot control. Up until tonight, I have preferred GD

WordPress I love you but I also want to be safe.

Should something like that happen here, I really truly hope that my readers know my writing voice, even if I haven’t posted in a long while. Please, if you ever see or read anything here that you think is suspicious, let me know. Somehow. I gave this site a quick once over  and everything appeared to be mine, for better or worse, but my perusal was quick. 

I plan to be computer-active again but I’m hesitant because of what happened. I love to write but am site-hacker-naiive; still, I’m excited to share with you some of the projects I’ve been working on and also look forward to catching up on reading your posts.

I most certainly want to hear from you bloggers. Has your site been hacked?

I think the new way to spell naiive (naive) is dumb.

What are your thoughts on these things?


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