Everyday Inspiration: Day 1

I signed up for a couple of blogging U. courses to help me get back into the swing of hammering out works from my office. Some of you might have noticed I spent a long time doing about everything else there was to do . . . I had parts to play (wife, friend, grandma, editor, and more editor, which put me behind the desk a lot but not on to any “new”creation.) I had places to see and thoughts to process.

But even though I have projects unfinished and new ones to start, I must write. And so, I’ve signed up for the Everyday Inspiration course to reacquaint my fingers with the keyboard of communication and guess what, today’s assignment is:

Today, tell us: why do you write?

Digital Camera
The dates wrong. We were there Oct. 19. 2016. I had a need to get out for an adventure. Photo by me, Lenee.

I am an artist. I enjoy mixing mediums: watercolor with colored pencil, words with pictures, word pictures. I also get my ideas across better when I write them down. If left to speech only, I get tongue-tied and/or often say exactly what I do not mean. When I write, I have the opportunity to tell you what I mean, what I really really mean.

What are my reasons to write besides all those? I love the fact that when I read historical writings—anything written before yesterday—people are able to share their “place in time” with me and that is a remarkable thing.

Who will share mine?




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