Art Classes

Beginning March 1st,2016, I will be teaching art at Shipley Center. Session 1 Imagination and Control by Abstract This session will include 4 projects and optional homework. One of those projects will be formatted to “give-back” to Shipley Center.   I’ll begin teaching technique and wrist control. This is a fun class that emphasizes making what, at first, appears to be a mess instead of a “pretty” picture. We’ll practice arm and wrist movements, brush control, and develop better skills to use  on more detailed pieces. This class is modeled after the ones taught by the renowned Mr. James Blanchard, … Continue reading Art Classes

Life Stories class: Cat and Mouse

Note from Coach Cobb: The following is a raw unedited first draft by one of the very talented people participating in my Writing Life Stories class at Shipley Center. I’ve made it a point to tell the class that here and now is NOT the time to edit their writing or each other’s. It is a time to share, a time to learn what people would like to hear more about, a time to discover places in our writing that readers might find confusing, and a time for readers to tell us what they liked best. Lydia, I thank you … Continue reading Life Stories class: Cat and Mouse

Writing Life Stories

3/5/15 Hello all writers, especially those of you residing in Sequim! Classes for WRITING YOUR LIFE STORY begin Tuesday March 10th at 1p.m. (and every Tuesday thereafter during March) at Shipley Center. That’s right, four classes that run for 2 hours each. That’s enough time to cover a lot of subject matter. I’ll be blogging about things we’ll cover in those classes, so check back here on a weekly basis. Please send me any questions you have. I’d love to hear from you. I’m thrilled to be able to offer these classes and look forward to meeting some of you … Continue reading Writing Life Stories