Hello everyone.

I’m happy to say that one of the book projects I’ve been busy with these past months is now available.

 cover for pr

Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming can be purchased at the following storefronts:


I’m also creating a blog site for this book and  I’d really like your feedback on it. You can view it here:

Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming

I know this subject matter isn’t for everyone and that’s alright.  But there are also those of you who’ve been waiting for this announcement and I’d sure like to hear from you.

About the process

Creating this book was a wonderful learning experience. I did self-edit it, which is something I never recommend anyone do, including yours truly,  and so I do realize readers will discover some errors; however, I hope they will be few and that my meaning comes across clear in spite of any errors found. Readers are welcome to email me the errors they come across so that if and when I can afford to revise the book, those errors can be addressed and corrected.

The formatting of this book was a challenge. I had worked on this book for so many years I had a hard time envisioning how I could pull off a different format.  I had it in a more “workbook-like” format, as that is how the puzzle came together for me. Angela, over at Booklocker, had some great advice on how to make it a more reader-friendly “book-like” experience. You bet I used it! I had to experiment with her purposely vague suggestions before I got the hang of seeing it more “book-like” before I finally created the format readers see in the paperback version.

Richard over at Booklocker did a wonderful job of taking what I had and funneling that into the eBook formats.

Todd Engle  took my idea for the cover and made it better. And a vast amount of praise goes to Greg Jameson for taking the cover photograph.

There was also help at Bookklocker for the creation of the Index. I was just not getting how to do this on my own in order to enable one-click updates, which I knew would come in handy. I think I get how to do that now, but Booklocker had an Indexing guru that accomplished the task at a  great relief to me.

Little by little I will begin the marketing process.

In the works

There are three other books “in process” right now. One of them is by me. I am in the stages of the final format and edit for Moonwalks and Unknowns. My intention is for Booklocker to handle this book also.

Although I’ve helped many other authors get there books out, this is all a first for me. So I hope you take a minute to visit the new blog and leave a comment here and there. I will tell you straight up, I can use all sorts of prayers and encouragement.

Thank you for reading.








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