A Little Life Update and Adventure: Part 1

Hello all. I haven’t posted in a long while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with life and writing related projects. I’ve been working hard. I hope to share some good news about a couple of writing projects real soon.

We also have a brand spanking new grandson. Here he is saying his first hello to y’all.


My husband took this photo about two hours after our grandson was born. He was born on October 30th and we drove through wind, slam-pouring rain, traffic galore and got lost twice before we found the hospital. What an adventure-filled night!

I’m noticing there have been a few changes here as far as navigating my site and creating a post goes. Forgive my feeble attempts to get this post right. I think I liked the old way better.

I’ve also been practicing with my new sewing machine but however tempted I may be to post photos of my trial projects, I must refrain due to the very real possibility they might (hopefully) turn into Christmas presents within the next few weeks.

But besides Christmas, I’ve been given a writing challenge. I must complete a manuscript for submission to print by December 31st. I just found out about this on December 3rd. That’s when I was informed I won a weekly trivia contest (at Writersweekly.com) with a prize for a book printing!  And I am thrilled!

Easy enough, you might say, but that is never ever the case. I have two first draft manuscripts 3/4 complete. One stands at 83,000 words and the other just over 60,000. I must choose one to complete: that means finish writing it, edit thoroughly, which is never good enough on a first shot, and format it to my specs by December 31. It seems not only daunting but impossible. However, I refuse to not take advantage of this opportunity.

I must complete this task while formatting books for my clients and making Christmas presents and cleaning house and taking the dog on her walks and and and. . . .

In order to allow time for editing and formatting, I must finish writing it by next weekend. Thank God I’ve experience in cram-writing. I’ve not only completed a nanowrimo (at least once,) but I also pulled off blogging every day for a month in Writing (or Blogging) 101. (I forget which one it was.) So with these experiences under my belt, I really think I have a chance to pull this challenge off.

I’m going to go for the manuscript that includes a few stories from this blog I labeled as excerpts from  Moonwalks and Unknowns. Those of you who’ve enjoyed a smidgen of those tales here should enjoy it.

I need encouragement and support and I’m not too highfaluting to ask you for it.

Also, this project comes on the cusp of my completion of another book project which should be available soon. So any marketing I might do might have to wait until after the first of the year.

Don’tcha know, iffen it ain’t one thing, it’s another. How many of you have these kinds of distractions when you’re trying to write?



 Keep writing!


4 thoughts on “A Little Life Update and Adventure: Part 1

  1. Distractions? All the time, but what welcome distractions! Congratulations on the birth of your adorable grandson, as well as winning the Writer’s Weekly challenge and being asked to submit a manuscript. I trust you completed it in plenty of time. You seem quit organized.

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