Art Classes

Beginning March 1st,2016, I will be teaching art at Shipley Center.

Session 1

Imagination and Control by Abstract

Playing with paint. This a miniature 30-second watercolor by Lenee Cobb

This session will include 4 projects and optional homework. One of those projects will be formatted to “give-back” to Shipley Center.


I’ll begin teaching technique and wrist control.

This is a fun class that emphasizes making what, at first, appears to be a mess instead of a “pretty” picture.

We’ll practice arm and wrist movements, brush control, and develop better skills to use  on more detailed pieces.

This class is modeled after the ones taught by the renowned Mr. James Blanchard, “Mr. Art Education,” of the Clover Park School district. Besides giving established artists some well-needed exercise, it will also help those with arthritis or who have suffered strokes and need some free-form art therapy.

Even artists who think they’ve got the hang of painting “pretty pictures”  will discover improved control while broadening their imaginations with this class.

Materials Needed

• Brushes: under $30 Three brushed minimum: two medium to large brushes
with pointed hairs One smaller long haired brush with fine point.
• Newsprint: under $10 One large pad (tablet)
• 1 Water jar: $0. A used coffee can will do.
• 1 Paint jar: $0. Any clean used lidded jar, preferably clear glass
will do.
• Paint rag: $0 any old clean rag will do.
• Bottle of acrylic or tempura: set of 6 under $12
• Backboard: $0. It needs to have a smooth surface. It doesn’t and
shouldn’t be thick but it should be smooth and able to take a tac or stick to tape to hole artwork project down. If you have a piece of wood 24”x24” or less but need it cut to size, let me know and Duane the handyman might help us out.
• Painters smock or apron: optional but recommended.
• Desk easel: optional

Total: under $52 for supplies.
Cost of class determined by Shipley Center.

Session 2

3-D Art

Acrylics, Colored Pencil and mixed media, including batik, yard ornaments, furniture painting, cards, and sign making if possible. More information will follow.

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