A Little Life Update and Adventure: Part 1

Hello all. I haven’t posted in a long while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with life and writing related projects. I’ve been working hard. I hope to share some good news about a couple of writing projects real soon. We also have a brand spanking new grandson. Here he is saying his first hello to y’all. My husband took this photo about two hours after our grandson was born. He was born on October 30th and we drove through wind, slam-pouring rain, traffic galore and got lost twice before we found the hospital. What an adventure-filled night! … Continue reading A Little Life Update and Adventure: Part 1

Mind Your Beeswax

Recall the photos I took of the rose gardens? Well, at Point Defiance there were other flowers blooming too, and all were abuzz with friendly pollinators. A happier more content bunch of busy bees I’ve never seen. Oops, wrong bee. Hang on. And my personal second favorite: May our bees always be here. So many are dying off. Every one of them is so special. Continue reading Mind Your Beeswax