Symptoms of the Lack of . . .

Today’s Daily Prompt is Symptom.

I have a book that I treasure, one that includes a list of vitamins and minerals and has a list of symptoms that can indicate what vitamin or mineral is missing in their daily health regime. Along with that list is a list of foods and herbs rich in those particular nutrients. I refer to the lists in that book often.

I used to see, back in the 1980s, those lists on large, attractive posters upon the walls of various pharmaceutical outlets. Those days are long gone. The industry would rather, now, to keep people in the dark. They make more money that way.

I first became aware of how simple and timely a “cure” could be shortly after I bought the book. You see, t here was a woman I worked with at a little deli-grocery store who was the mother of six children. This poor woman had a history of epileptic seizures and, because I lived not more than three blocks from her, I witnessed the numerous times per week that the ambulance would be outside her house. So I was intrigued when I read  that thyme tea and one of the B vitamins could help alleviate epileptic seizures. Would something as simple as that work? Could it?

I went to our local farm-store and purchased a dollars worth of thyme and then went and purchased that B vitamin, which happened to be on sale, for another couple of bucks. In total, I remember, I spent $3.77. Big whoop. I took these things to work with me the following day and gifted them to my co-worker, along with the directions I’d read and copied on her behalf.

“Thyme? Huh,” she said, taking the small brown bag from me. “I guess it won’t hurt to try.”

She never had another epileptic seizure the rest of the time we worked together and lived near each other.

I’m not saying something that simple would work on everyone with epilepsy but supplements of one B vitamin and a couple cups of thyme tea in the morning—ain’t it worth a try?

When I am looking through the list of symptoms of the lack of I figure if I or someone else exhibits three, four, or more symptoms under a particular vitamin or mineral then I or they are probably lacking it or them and then I do my best to make sure I/we are receiving them through  organic supplements, herbs in my yard, and our foods.

The name of that book? Is Any Sick Among You by LaDean Griffin. Although mine states it was copyrighted back in 1974, you can still find it for sale online. I  recommend purchasing it so if and when the handy dandy Internet ever ceases to exist, you would have the hard copy containing what could be vital information on hand.

We are all so very different and the information in that book is not a one size cures all ills; however, there are times that keeping it simple is the “improvement” needed. To that end, I wish you all well.



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