When Storms Come

Digital Camera
Photo by Lenee Cobb: Still wondering how to get the date OUT. No one has been able to figure it out yet. Photo was taken last week–November 2016.

Fall and winter equate to Turbulent times, but not just this year. No. Throughout history.

I spent a few hours this evening going through a box containing memories: photos, letters, cards, school work I saved not only done by my children, but the children we fostered and my siblings, too. Memories of those whom I love and have loved. I see happy times within the pictures and read warming thoughts within the letters and cards.

But times change. People change.

Many of those young fresh faces so full of promise drifted away when storms came. Their storms. My storms.

Yet I see those faces  within my hands and my heart still fills with hope and love. In spite of  storms my heart remains anchored.

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