Tiny but Self-Sufficient

This last summer I had the pleasure of taking the oldest two of my granddaughters on a tour of the reportedly haunted Manresa Castle  in Port Townsend.

After traipsing up and down multiple staircases, always on the lookout for anything mysterious, a bathroom break was in order. Imagine my chagrin when I came out of the stall to find my granddaughter smiling at me from on top of the bathroom counter. I almost opened my mouth to reprimand her, after all, we were inside a castle! Instead, after washing my own hands,  I smiled and took this picture. She is proud of her ability to do things on her own. A CanDo Kid. And I am so proud of her for it.

Photo inside Manresa Castle by Lenee Cobb

Castles are big, intimidating even. And I still recall the days of my childhood when I couldn’t see over counters and I remember the pride I felt when, finally, I was able to climb up and get into the kitchen cupboards where mom hid the good stuff.

Tiny indeed children are, but may they always determine to accomplish great things without the hobble of hearing “You can’t.”

This was posted as a participant in November’s photo challenge: PHOTO CHALLENGE Tiny

I hope I did this right.



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