Writing 201: Blog goals

July 20, 2015

This post covers the  Day 1 assignment in WordPress Writing 201.

Photo by Lenee Cobb
Photo by Lenee Cobb

Why do I blog?
After years of coaching other writers and ghostwriting, I’d like readers to know my writing, my voice. I don’t mind being a shadow person and I love what I do but, there are so many things I want to write about.

If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams, what would that look like?
I’ve placed many goals in answer to that question that I’ll keep private for now. I’m still so new to blogging that I think this is a question I’ll have to address sometime in the future when I have more experience.


Every post would be dated. That is something  I’ve got to make it a practice to do. I get frustrating reading things online that were never dated. I need that information. I’d like to know the “when” along with the other “W’s”. Why am I not already providing this information to my readers and myself for reference? Shame on me! Today this changes.

As far as the list (from the instructors) of suggested goals:

Gain 20% more followers by August 31st. Sure. You betcha. I’d love to have a larger increase than that.

• Increase average daily hits 30% by the end of 2015. Ditto.

• Publish three times each week during August and September. Okay.

Spend one hour each week visiting my followers’ blogs, reading, and commenting from now until October 1st. Definitely.

• Create an editorial calendar for the next 90 days by July 31st. Yes, but the end of August sounds more likely.• Establish a new weekly feature on my blog by August 31st (Throwback Thursdays, Wordless Wednesdays, Soup Sundays), and publish that feature each week through the end of the year. Hmm. Okay. I need to place this down into the editorial calendar (done) and give it some thought.

Gain 100 new Twitter followers by September 30th. I don’t do Twitter. I don’t know that I will. I don’t get it and it sounds time consuming.

• Publish posts from three guests over the next three months. This would be a pleasure. Anyone interested?

The last three goals are all require my research. Because of that, I should prioritize t hem. Right now, an editorial calendar sounds like it should be the first on my list. Publishing posts from guests should be second and Twitter research should come third.

The editorial calendar would, by necessity, require me to better organize what I’ve already posted. To keep things straight, I’ve begun organizing my blog posts into Scrivener. We’ll see if that works. After that, I’ll plan my calendar within it too, I think. I’m learning. Who else is doing such a thing?

After those goals are well underway, I’d like to offer a newsletter readers could sign up for. This may or may not coincide with another blog (a second blog) that targets a specific group of readers. I’m thinking these two blogs need their own space. This blog here is more of a general blog. The other would be tailored around subject matter specific to it. Yet having two blogs when I can barely keep up with one intimidates me.

How are others (that means some of you readers) handling this?

17 thoughts on “Writing 201: Blog goals

    1. Thank you, lillypup. I’m so glad you’re blogging. You write about things that people I love are also living through. You help me to understand their lives better. Keep it up!


  1. Okay, you asked for feedback, here’s some feedback!

    Continuing to blog whilst waiting for clarity of what that blog of your dreams would look like; I think this is a smart idea. It’s hard to know what constitutes wild dreaming before you have baseline information.

    Dating posts: I couldn’t agree more. Dateless posts (and blogs with poor navigation features) drive me berk. I usually don’t delve into them, as I will with organized, dated blogs. When I find one I like, one of my favorite things to do is read from the beginning, so I can participate in the development of the blogger.

    Publish three times each week during August and September: Regular, frequent posting, with strong tagging, has been my most reliable way to continually boost my readership over the past five months, so I think this will be a good strategy for you.

    Guest posts: What kind of posts are you looking for? I’d be happy to guest post, if you think my style and content would suit your blog. I have a list of top posts on my blog that gives a round sample of subject material and style.

    Newsletter: I think this is a fantastic idea. Rather than starting a whole new blog, maybe you could have a category and a page devoted to it? That way, you could drive people that don’t already read your blog directly to that page, and people who do already read your blog would be continually exposed to it.


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    1. OOoo. I’m all smiles. (And I don’t know how to spell oooue as in oue–no, no we, oo as in moon as in oo-ee–oo–ah ah–walla walla bing bang.)

      I would love for you to guest post! Your writing style is just dandy. And the topic I’d love to have you do is one specific to archeology digs as relates to writing life stories…as you said, “I love blogs with a history, and if the first few posts intrigue me, one of my favorite things to do is to find the very first post, and perform what I call archive archeology. I find richness in following artistic development. I love getting to know segments of writer’s lives, their stories and loves and influences and families.”
      I think that’s a subject that those reading my blog who are writing their life stories would benefit from and love you for. 🙂

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      1. LOL! And yay! And okay, I’ll write something on archive archeology. I think that’s a fantastic idea, and right (write?) up my alley. Sorry, bad joke. ):
        I have another guest post I’m working on now, for August, and a blog I’m currently performing a dig on. What say I finish that, and write something up for sometime in August. Does that work?

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  2. I actually like the idea of posting (at least some, I think!) our daily assignments. Not only does it make us accountable (to ourselves) for the assignments, but it enables us to keep them AND the added benefit of having more blog posts! Hooray!

    I am intrigued at how varied are the responses to the “goals” task. For instance, I looked at the task and then tried to adapt the goals (or add others) that would be specific to me. For example: if you say you’ll increase your blog readership by 20% and you only have 10 followers, well, I’m no mathematician, but…

    Others have taken the list of goals provided by Kristen and selected a few…

    Others made up a list of totally new goals. I

    On your guest blogging offer? I’d jump at it as well if you feel I have anything worthwhile to say to your readers. I’d need to read a few more of your posts to see the general “theme” of your blog.

    On it’s face? It is a beautiful blog – and I want to read it just because it is pretty and appeals to me. For what it’s worth.

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    1. I’d love for you to guest post. As for my blogs theme . . . I help people tell their stories as “www.awritershelper.com” yet, I do that because I love to read and write and am very curious what my readers want to read more of. My own tales (fact and fiction) and aspects of writing life stories seem to be popular. A life story…an adventurous life story or a humorous one…exemplifying show and not tell would be great.

      I’m preaching to the choir here, but people learn by the examples of others. Here’s a couple that readers enjoyed:

      It continues to be a challenge for me to convince people that what I coach is a life STORIES class. Storytelling is more than mere facts. So anything along the lines of storytelling by a storyteller would be great. Thank you so much!


  3. You’re actually not preaching to the choir… I am a language teacher and have never had any instruction on how to write (which I find seriously lacking in my rather extensive education!!!) so, I’m thrilled for any guidance whatsoever!

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    1. Oh, well, language can be a very fun thing. Misunderstandings can be hilarious or serious. I have a story about such a time, the one you triggered me to recall. I have to edit it a bit but at least I wrote it already. I’ll try to post it within the next few hours so I don’t forget. I’ll bet you have some stories to share along those lines. 🙂

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      1. Thank you SO much for the lovely, funny and sweet story AND the reference! I wonder if I can make a small request (at the risk of being a PITA). When you added the link – it was to my old blog – could I ask that you change the link to this
        which is my new blog and the one I use. I am so sorry to be a nuisance – I just want to build readership for the NEW blog that I’ve worked so hard on! Thank you!

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