Time backlit with Love. Photo by Greg Jameson
Time backlit with Love. Photo by Greg Jameson

July 15, 2015—Incredible things have happened during the past 40 days of my life, both good and bad.

A Loved one I hadn’t heard from in years wrote me a hello, I remember and think about you. It’s warming. It’s like sipping hot spiced wine next to a fire while watching snowflakes drift and swirl outside.

A Loved one passed on, perhaps upon the day I called and left his family a message. My call was close, real close, anyway.  I was thinking of them . . . of him. This loss is raw.

Is there a class that teaches TYPING THROUGH TEARS? I’ve read enough blogs to think there must be one. Other bloggers do it. Evidently, it’s a class I should take because I’ve blogged very little lately. Sure, I’ve been going through (major) physical aches and pains and emotional upheaval–good and bad. So what. Write through it. Write of it. NO. It’s hard. It’s personal. It hurts.

Love never dies.  Time has no hold. Time won’t always be there. Time will be replaced with for ever and ever.

Pardon my tears. Time doesn’t heal. Time is no band-aid or splint or salve. Scar tissue, mine anyway, is extra-sensitive. It doesn’t take much of a trigger to produce excruciating pain.

But, Love never dies. Love never dies. LOVE never dies . . . there is no qualifier. Love never dies. Is that possible? (1st Corinthians 13)

We experience it (love) in different ways: towards parents, children, friends, co-workers; we age and look different, act different, feel different given Time. We even love more than human beings. We love animals, places, certain music…

What, you may ask, has love got to do with it—if it is TIME?

If LOVE was what you’d drink from the Fountain of Eternal Youth, which it sort of has to be because LOVE NEVER DIES. . . (Does your cup runneth over?) could we say, “Love conquers Time?”


Please comment.

  • What are your thoughts on TIME and LOVE?
  • How has TIME affected your LOVE?
  • I’m thinking about posting an article I wrote about 11 years ago dealing with this thing we refer to as TIME. Would anyone be interested in reading it?

6 thoughts on “LOVE CONQUERS TIME

  1. First, I’m so sorry to read about your loss. I agree with justsoyouknow1. Our minds are immediately finite and we, eventually, have to put our immediate focus somewhere else, but it’s very easy to get hit full-force with love once the chaos of the daily grind is interrupted. Time has affected my love by giving me space and distance to process and heal from losses and betrayals, and I believe it has strengthened love. I’d definitely be interested in reading your article about time, too!

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    1. Thank you for your contribution to this topic. Space and distance are definite contributors to our ability to cope and understand by viewing things from a different perspective. We assume Time should be within any equation dealing with space and distance. Perhaps it is so. Perhaps it is a necessary temporary illusion, something that can be manipulated, as writers of time travel fiction experiment with.

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  2. What is time but to measure one foot in front of the other, progress, pushing forward. How does it affect Love, only what we allow it…even unintentionally. But, like you said, love does not die. Love conquers all, doesn’t it? I believe it does. Does pain negate it…we just take it with time…one step at a time, progress, pushing forward only as fast as we want. Sometimes, it’s OK to not push that hard.

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    1. Very poetic. Thank you for contributing. I wasn’t expecting it but these comments are helping me. I have a theory to expound upon in my TIME article. Yet in the here and now, the thoughts and insights and understanding–musings, camaraderie, are . . . I have no words. I trust the reader to understand. Thank you. I hope people keep sharing here. Thank you again, on behalf of other readers and on behalf of the family I love who is suffering this loss.

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