The Act of the Craft

I take joy in storytelling, through words and through my artwork.

But let’s talk art–my art–for a minute.

I love to do two things in many of my paintings:

  1. I love to paint a scene and then have viewers tell me what type of  character or animal they’d like to see in it and many times I will use those suggestions.
  2. I like to paint things that give the viewer a sense of there being a story that probably goes along with the “illustration.” People ask,”What’s the story behind this?”

Well, sometimes I have one, sometimes it is “in craft.” (I may have just made up a new term. Please let me know if this is my term. I don’t want to plagiarize but I do think it’s a cool term and I am happy to own it if no one else has. Someone probably did. My luck.)


I am selecting one of my colored pencil works for this post that I did plein air ( just to show you I can talk fancy) at a picnic area on the Dungeness River—a picnic area that no longer exists.

I would like my readers to help me name the characters in this work and suggest ideas as to what is about to happen to the picnickers in the way far background.

I do plan to spin a yarn, a crafty yarn, to go with this artwork. And I do hope to use suggestions from readers when I perform this task.

The yarn might turn out to read something like this:

Never Say Never
Sub-titled Something Crazy by Lenee Cobb

Ya just never do know. So, okay, here’s the art. Who will play with me?

framed squirrels1

This is in response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt: Craft

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