Camp Food Favorites

Be it marshmallows, weenies on a stick, or hamburgers, I couldn’t resist sharing these memories for the one word prompt: Scorched from the Daily Post. Hopefully these will “spark” a few memories of your own.

Dinner at the Elwha. Photo by either Callie Cobb or Kyla Ford
Camping at the Hoh River. Photo by Lenee Cobb

Toasting marshmallows to get them to an all over golden brown on the outside takes a lot of practice. After coaching the grandkids on technique, I show them how to carefully lift the outer toasty shell off the gooey center, eat the shell and put the center back over the coals for center-toasting. Yum! They finally figured out that the quick and easy char-flamed, scorched marshmallow was inferior to the time-taking golden method Grandma recommended.

Mmmm. Soooo yummy. Photo by Lenee Cobb
Practice makes perfect. Photo by Lenee Cobb


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