Blogging 101 Day 5: Themes


Hello everyone.

Fun with pencils. Photo and pencil sharpening done by Callie Cobb.
Fun with pencils. Photo and pencil sharpening done by Callie Cobb.

It took me a few times reading the assignment to focus in on the very first sentence: “If you go into the “Themes” section of the classic dashboard, you’ll be able to preview themes without actually activating them.” I was so concerned about losing what I had I failed to see this sentence. Maybe I can blame it on being to tired. Anyways, I’ve become attached to my current theme but here are some ones that I tried:

Saga: I liked this theme. Dark, clean, drop down menu.

Edin: This did not work for me. It made things look messy. My blog might seem a bit messy but I feel relaxed in an organized mess.

Twenty-fifteen: I really like this theme. It’s clean and very professional looking. It does not appear “scribbly” at all. Its very professional looking.

Largo: This theme would be okay except I, as a reader, would probably have never seen the Menu hiding way up there in the left hand corner. I didn’t much care for the lack of information about the blog.

Designer: This was a little too sparse for my tastes.

So of the five I tried, Twenty-fifteen was definitely my favorite. However, because of my title, “Scribbles to Compositions,” which I happen to think fits, I think I’ll stay with Dusk to Dawn.

Please tell me what you think.
I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Really I do.

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day 5: Themes

  1. I am just jumping in having return from vacation. Your post was the first I read and I am glad I did! I would be scared to death too to mess around with Themes. I am glad I would not be the only one!! Love your pencil photo and Title. I guess I have to get after this on Day 5 already! Good post! Enjoyed!

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