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This post is in response to Writing 201’s Day 5 assignment: Make the Most of Your Archives.
cropped-img_2312.jpgThe forget-me-not is my favorite flower, not only reminding me of my childhood in Alaskan mountains, but also of other stories I have to share.What better photo do I have reminding me about my archives? None I can think of.

Let me remind readers that I’m relatively new at blogging and jumped in without any preconceived ideas about my blog’s organization. The fact that this blog can use improvement in that area prompted me to do some homework. Prior to receiving this assignment, I’d been fooling around with Scrivener by putting all my blog posts into it as if it were a book with chapters and plot points. It is in no way complete. This is also another viable way to back up my blog posts in case of some unforeseen catastrophe.

Uncle Tom on a Bev Doolittle day. Photo by Lenee Cobb, first published as cover art for Outdoor Ed. brochure, way back when.
Uncle Tom on a Bev Doolittle day. Photo by Lenee Cobb, first published as cover art for Outdoor Ed. brochure, way back when.

I’m discovering this is an interesting way to view my blog and at some future point will probably re-organize my blog to better serve my readers. Is anyone else organizing their blog within Scrivener?

I don’t usually use Scrivener but was pressed into learning it as some of my clients use it. I’m savvy enough in Microsoft Word to be able to navigate it easily and I rearrange chapters within books by opening the document map (after I’ve titled the chapters and their subheadings) by simply dragging and dropping things where they should be. But Scrivener does have its benefits, as I learn more about it.

 I’m also keeping a file on all the WordPress classes I take so I can refer back to these in the future.

What’s this got to do with making the most of my archives?

I was reminded I’ve got a few series in process:

1. I have my Life Stories Classes (which are down for the remainder of the summer.)

2. I am building a list of fiction stories I may or may not build upon at some future point, but in Scrivener, I have them grouped together. These include things I wrote as a result of the WordPress Writing 101 class.

3. My list of non-fiction tales include a section (in Scrivener for now) of serials:

Homestead cabin. Photo by Lenee
Homestead cabin. Photo by Lenee

4. I have my Outdoor Education classes (from a Biblical perspective,) which I might deal with on another blog so they can compliment a book of mine that is soon to be released. Maybe I’ll include those here. I haven’t decided.

5. I have a growing list of opinion / commentary /essay articles, which would probably be best placed in their own area.

6. I also have a small collection of feature stories I’ve written about interesting people.

As I checked out my archives and organized them, I realized many of my blog post were only titled Writing 101 or Photo101. When I placed them into Scrivener, I used their titles. I only have a few months (about four) of blog posts to organize because I really didn’t begin posting until this last spring.

In order to accomplish implementing new organization into my blog, it will take some time I don’t have at this moment. I have to finalize the formatting of two books, one for me and one for a client of mine.

But I’ve left you, readers, with a couple links to read through. Please let me know what you think about my process or if you happen to have a favorite series of mine you’d like to read more about. The more input I receive from you readers, the more I’ll grasp how to go about things.

4 thoughts on “About Blog Archives

  1. Nice thought process. I don’t exactly know what Scrivener is. Is it a formatting program or another word-processing site, like Word?
    I liked your photos and the reference to Bev Doolittle. I don’t know what her day is, but I love her paintings/prints.

    Liked by 1 person

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