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Night Shift

Plein air colored pencil by Lenee Cobb

We’re camped at a place called Graves Creek. It’s midnight. The lantern glow and diminishing campfire flames, the nearby rush of river with rising shadows of mountains I can barely discern above silhouetted tree tops, and the oxygen-rich air of this rain-forest valley conspire to keep me awake by offering me an experience too wonderful to miss should I sleep.

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When Storms Come

Digital Camera
Photo by Lenee Cobb: Still wondering how to get the date OUT. No one has been able to figure it out yet. Photo was taken last week–November 2016.

Fall and winter equate to Turbulent times, but not just this year. No. Throughout history.

I spent a few hours this evening going through a box containing memories: . . .

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Tiny but Self-Sufficient

This last summer I had the pleasure of taking the oldest two of my granddaughters on a tour of the reportedlyhauntedManresa Castle  in Port Townsend.

After traipsing up and down multiple staircases, always on the lookout for anything mysterious, . . .

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