Letter to Donald Trump for Help in Fleshing Out a Character within My Fiction Novel

November 15, 2016 Note to readers: the following letter was originally written in August 2014. It has nothing to do with current politics. It was never mailed. You are welcome to share your thoughts on my questions. I’ve spent 2 1/2 Nanowrimos on this fiction novel so far. I wasn’t able to participate this November and sorely miss the opportunity. But I do want to thank all the writers over there for their help during previous years. Here was/is my “working title and cover.” It’s just something, you know, something. I kept this letter to Donald Trump within my notes because … Continue reading Letter to Donald Trump for Help in Fleshing Out a Character within My Fiction Novel

Gawdawful Creepy

Is it more frightening to hear something you cannot identify or to see something—a threat— you hadn’t realized existed? Would you rather be confronted by: A pack of Dire-wolves or grizzly bears? Angry Sasquatches or armed intruders? A huge Star-ship blasting beams of light towards earth in search of unwary humans or standing within a forest of brittle trees during a major windstorm? Yes, those are all threats you can see. But what about those sounds heard in the dead of night and in daylight hours that you cannot readily identify ? I’ve experienced a few of those and here are a couple of the … Continue reading Gawdawful Creepy

Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

October 2016 The assignment:  Images — including photographs and works of art — can also be starting points for stories, essays, poems, and personal musings. Use one of the images above as the creative spark for today’s post — use it as the setting for a poem, write about how it makes you feel, or describe a memory it conjures. Anyone who knows me knows which photo I chose. 1,0000 Years  Young growth forest of pecker poles, branches high and thin Allows grass and seedlings to flourish Yet no bird’s song I hear within Still, I allow my eyes to graze … Continue reading Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

Developing Your Eye, Day Two: “Street”

October 2016 Assignment: Yesterday, we asked you to interpret home in your own way. Today, let’s focus on a street. It can be a quiet road blanketed in snow, an alley covered with murals, or a busy avenue where pedestrians weave between cars and motorbikes, . . . Wander your neighborhood — or someplace new — to capture your street snapshot. My husband and I wandered out neighborhood yesterday, October 28, (despite what the dates are on the photos,) and I took these shots. There are more roads in our vicinity than there are streets. Streets equal city-driving and roads … Continue reading Developing Your Eye, Day Two: “Street”

Everyday Inspiration: Day 2

October 2016 Assignment: Today, let’s write a list. Compiling a list is a way to let loose, unlock ideas, and free your mind. Today, write your own list on one of these topics: o Things I Like o Things I’ve Learned o Things I Wish o Things You’re Good At There are no rules,. . . I thought I’d take the “no rules” literally and make a list of a different, useful kind. Please let me know if you plan to use something as a springboard that inspired you from my topics, too. Share a link. I’d like to read what … Continue reading Everyday Inspiration: Day 2

Developing Your Eye: Photography Day 1

Today’s assignment is: What does home look like to you? I am so non-mechanical that cameras are hard for me to understand. We recently had to purchase a new “family” camera because  of a sort of funny incident. We had our two granddaughters up here for the month of July and the younger one had a birthday during that month. Well, while they were here I had t hem working on a scrapbook about t he things they were doing while with grandma and grandpa and so there were a ready supply of poster paper, fancy schmancy scissors, photos printed … Continue reading Developing Your Eye: Photography Day 1

Behind the Scene: Radio show guest: Part 1

Oct. 20, 2016 It must be around 7 am PST. I don’t know or care because I’m sawing logs after finally climbing into bed after preparing an email to Pastor Catlin covering his questions concerning myself, the Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming book, and his rundown on what I can expect this evening a mere couple hours ago. *Note to Pastor Catlin: I ran down your email “list of things” one by one and it took me this long to reply. It wasn’t until I was at the end of your email that I noticed your words: “I need … Continue reading Behind the Scene: Radio show guest: Part 1

Treasure Hunts and Bizzyness

The swallows were out yesterday, two or three whole families of them swooping, diving; youngsters practicing their new found freedom within the wind currents of the thundershower as it rolled through. Fearless the storm and even of the family of hawks that also live here but were suspiciously silent and unseen. I haven’t posted in a while and I thought I’d and tell you why. I wrote a book. I didn’t write it in a week, it’s a project that I began scribing back in 1986. But it’s about to be printed and the company I’m using caught a few … Continue reading Treasure Hunts and Bizzyness

Writing Life Stories: June 23, 2015

How’s everybody doing at keeping cooled off? I’m not handling the heat too well. I never have. Perhaps it’s because my body temperature adjusted to Alaska’s cooler summers when I was a child and never snapped out of it to tolerate such heat. I was really feeling the sizzle today (Thursday.) During Tuesday’s class at Shipley Center I was asked if the building had air conditioning. I have it on good authority that yes, in fact, it is. So next week’s class should see us surviving, that is, if we make it through this weekend. Speaking of heat, over 800 … Continue reading Writing Life Stories: June 23, 2015

Writing Life Stories Session III: May 19, 2015

Writing Life Stories Session III May 19, 2015 We had a couple newcomers to Session III and we welcome them wholeheartedly. There’s always so much we don’t have time for, even though each session lasts two hours. This week I spoke about the relationship we build with our readers. How do we connect with them? We allow them to share what we’ve experienced by taking them with us, taking care to show, and not tell. Isn’t it strange that we, as writers, best tell our tales by showing and not telling? To some readers, it might sound strange for me … Continue reading Writing Life Stories Session III: May 19, 2015