The Scent of a Memory

My Grandmother Ethel was the only AVON lady in Twin Falls Idaho for many, many years. I remember  her so vivid when I smell such things as the original Skin So Soft oil. Once, a few years back, I spotted Avon selling an old fragrance, one they don’t sell any more but were running the vintage scent for a limited time, so I ordered it because I recalled that bottle as one Grandma Williams had on her oval-mirrored vanity. It was a tall, golden-yellow bottle, slimmer towards the top. It had an orange plastic rendition of a jewel on the bottle-top. Thank goodness for the photograph in the AVON magazine; I wouldn’t have recognized it from the description alone.

When the bottle arrived I couldn’t wait to open it and spray.

Ah, yes! There was Grandma’s scent! The name of that fragrance? Topaz.

And I recall the springtime days of high school, years after Grandma passed, when our AVON lady delivered my order of a lilac-perfumed demi-stick. And Grandma was with me t hen, too. And every year in spring, I receive revived impressions, when I walk past our lilac bush or pat on some Skin So Soft to keep the mosquitoes away, of my Grandma Williams.

yuio 051
Lilacs and Love. Photos by Lenee Cobb

It is the same as when I walk through my garden, or anyone’s garden of growing corn or tomatoes on the vine . . . I think of Grandma and Grandpa Stuart. Whhhiffff—-and there they are, beside me.

This post is my response to the Daily Post prompt: Impression









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