Blog Calendar/Planner

Hello all,

I’ve completed two different Blog Calendar/Planners. To date (5/20/17,) only the “Mushroom Man” is posted on under the shop name “Salish Mist.”

I really have to figure out my photography for products posted online.

Introducing “The Mushroom Man” Blog Calendar/Planner design by Lenee Cobb
Interior of “Mushroom Man” Blog Calendar/Planner created and designed by Lenee Cobb
Introducing “The Rainforest Queen” Blog Calendar/Planner designed by Lenee Cobb
The prototype for the interior of “Rainforest Queen” Blog Calendar/Planner created and designed by Lenee Cobb

I developed this calendar/planner for bloggers who desire to write an average of three posts per week, memoirists’, and freelancers who, when submitting their works to periodicals, need to stay six to nine months ahead of the game. It’s my hope every writer can benefit from it.

Included within these planners are:

• June 2017-December 2018: 18 month (+) planning
• Dates of interest for inspiration
• Moon phases (according to U.S west coast)
• Celestial happenings
• Monthly birthstones
• Theme of the Week for 5 weeks each month
• 15 Working Topic Title areas
• Monthly word triggers
• Also word triggers for 6 and 9 months in advance

I created these calendar/planners because nothing on the market suited my needs as a writer. I wanted something that would get me away from the computer and enable my creativity by allowing me to brainstorm instead of bog me down with unnecessary micromanagement. These are my prototypes. For these, I used my own artwork.

The Rainforest Queen is not on Etsy yet, however, her design is 5.5″ x 8.5″.  The prices (U.S currency) are: $19.95 for the “Mushroom Man” and $14.99 for the “Rainforest Queen.”

I also “manufacture” these at home and make my own trips into town for shipping purposes . . . so as long as I ship within the U.S., I can do it for $5 and make the trip once every week or two.

For overseas shipping, even to Canada, it is really expensive and the lines at my post office are very long. (I could be in line at the post office for an hour on most days.) But should anyone be interested, they don’t weigh much and can be mailed within manila envelops.

These designs do have a copyright and I am thinking about ISBNs so I could sell them through different outlets like Amazon.

I encourage your feedback! I’m new to this manufacturing stuff.



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