I thought this worked well with the Daily Post’s word prompt: Resist. I found this little “word sketch” after reading the word prompt and then doing a search on my computer for anything I might have on hand. This little “word sketch” is something I wrote (according to the file properties) in September, 2009. I wrote it as a character development exercise for a story I’m still working on.

Resistance. I despise giving up. Yet, it is something I have been forced to do time and again. I want to be that brave go for it and hang on like a pit bull—-illusion—-the elusive illusion of the person that, in my heart, I was meant to be.

I desire to right wrongs and I resist the inclination to back down just because my opponent has might and size and popular influence.

Each time I give up it evaporates the will power that my inner self once brimmed with, that young, naive, inner self.

Stubborn, defiant, I want to go down fighting even if I am beaten, not acquiescing to the powered when they are wrong and only get their way through bullying.

However, life is not like that for the weak and the poor. Once, there was a fabled kingdom that had as its motto “Might for right.”

Why is that not so in the world we live in?

It was merely a shimmering illusion, hiding the fact that the poor and weak were only pawns in schemes to rule with gluttony and increasing oppression. Fools subjugating all they deem  unworthy.


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