Sawblades and Woodland Things Repurposed

Today, the Daily Post’s photo challenge is

Repurpose: Show us something that you’ve recycled or repurposed, or an object for which you’ve discovered a clever new use.

There are a variety of items we’ve repurposed around our property over the years.Here are just a few examples:

Saw painted and photographed by Lenee Cobb
More sawblades I painted and deer antlers we use for coat and hat hangers, the hide as wall decor. Photo by Lenee Cobb
A fungi or conk I painted. Photo by Lenee Cobb


A wooden salad bowl I painted that I found in a second hand shop. Photo by Lenee Cobb
Some wooden bells I found that I painted with local scenes. Photo by Lenee Cobb

There are a lot of things around here. The more I look, the more there are. We have steps leading up to our homestead cabin made by my husband and from cedar rounds from a tree that fell one winter and then there are the cedar branch arbors/trellises I made.

My cedar bough trellis/arbor and our cedar round steps. Photo by Lenee Cobb

It’s challenging and fun to repurpose things.


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