Sometimes when hiking I come across unexpected things, beautiful and graceful in their loneliness. They lend such contrast to their surroundings. Here is one.

Photo taken by Lenee Cobb

This must be some sort of wild orchid. I discovered it within a second-grown conifer forest where it lent a striking color and texture contrast to the pokier twigs yet was where it ought to be doing what it is meant to do.

However, there is rarely something more graceful than a cat in the wild. Here is our cat. Her name is CamiClaws (Camoflauge in Catspeak) in her natural habitat—our property.

Photo taken by Lenee Cobb

Do cats live in graceful harmony within their surroundings? That can be argued because they are predators. Yet rare are the times we see them in the wild (big ones) even when they are close at hand. Big or small, they intuitively know how to blend in “harmoniously” with their surroundings in order to successfully stalk their prey, and yes, they do it with astounding grace.

This is in response to the Daily Post: Graceful Whether it’s a person, a building, or an abstract shape, show us something that exists harmoniously with its surroundings.

Edited: I had our cat’s name as CamiPaws. My daughter corrected me. Her name is CamiClaws. How could I forget?



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