On a beautiful spring day, many years ago, I floated on an air mattress upon the crystal clear waters of a lagoon. This lagoon was an extension of a large lake and bordered with old-growth forests. In the backdrop of this scene were ancient mountains crested with white snow. As I floated there, between heaven and earth, I contemplated the clear water and my reflection and the reflection of the forest and the mountains within it and I contemplated the color wheel and baptism. And I came home to the city where I lived and stored that experience within my heart-pocket until, one day, it bubbled out on paper.


Guzzle knowledge buried long, beneath subterranean past,

Deepening appreciation, serenity at last.

Drink the light of the crystal window; fathom the profound.

 Submerse yourself into what is limpid.

 Infinity is all around.

 Gently lapping island shores, translucent, All in All,

Omnipresent medium, mold me to your call.

Now drenched, O transparent soul, baptized in His name;

Was just a whisper that I heard, and humbled, loyally came.


This is my post in response to the Daily Post one word prompt: Invitation.

As a P.S., this happened on the same day as my inspiration for this blog post: What are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life


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