Under-reported News and Some Options

I am so angry at the “major news” stations that either under-report or don’t report at all about news around the world and within the USA that is of major importance to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people everywhere.

I had a hard time sleeping last night and took to the Internet to see if I could discover why and there it was, covered by The Watchers website. Hurricane Otto. We have some dear friends living in Costa Rica and after reading about Otto (and the 7. quake that happened just north of there) I wasted no time sending them an email.

Hurricane Otto crossed Central America from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. Wow.

Public Domain File:Otto 2016-11-25 1645Z.jpg Created: 25 November 2016

This morning I received this reply:

We are safe. All around us is destruction. Whole towns wiped out by swollen rivers. Many people isolated. So sad. But thanks to God we are safe. Not sure how or why but we are. Pray for the thousands who have died. All our love, thanks for thinking of us

Why isn’t our news (like CNN) covering stories like this? Enough of the beating old dogs BS. Where will help come from if no one hears the call about the need?

Readers and writers, please submit your coverage of events to some reputable place on line or to me, at least, so we can know. We can know what you are going through and what your needs are. I am so thankful for the reporting writers submit to The Watchers.

Other sites I frequent for information, (because a lot of this is excellent writing fodder too, you do realize, as fellow writers,) are:

Nature World News

Latest Earthquakes

Space Weather

Perhaps I can create a NEEDS page and a NEWS page here. I don’t know.  I am still livid about how major news stations can ignore so many stories. However, thanks to the Daily Prompt: chaotic, I can hopefully get some readers to see my post and make some comments. Because nothing seems more chaotic these days than the weather and “news.” Believe me, your comments on this subject are greatly appreciated.

So are your prayers for those in need.

On behalf of them, Thank you!





2 thoughts on “Under-reported News and Some Options

  1. You can almost always find information on Twitter before, during and after a major event like this. Not everyone tweeting about an event tweets the truth, but you can usually find accurate information there through organizations such as NOAA and the USGS (USGSdotGov). The latter provides real-time or near real-time data and information on current conditions and earth observations on its home page.

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