Creepy “What is It” Photo

First off, let me tell you that I hate looking at this picture. I’m posting something I cannot stand to look at.

My daughter and her friend, myself and a retired Daredevil (stuntman) went hiking at a place that has haunted me since 1973, when I could swear I (and the boyfriend I was hiking with at the time) heard someone being murdered in the black wooded swamp not twelve feet from where we stood around midnight.

Oh yes.

People said at the time that what we heard was a cougar. Perhaps it was. However, after that night, two bodies of young women were found there. One was murdered by Ted Bundy. One was murdered by a guy named Cosden. These bodies were discovered during my high school years. Now let me state that during my high school years I was a camp counselor. Yes. Oh yes. A camp counselor at a place called Millersylvania where murders really did take place.

So I returned, not for the first time, with a group of curious “fellow investigators.” Because there are things that remain unknown there. Because there are questions that remain unanswered. Because it feels as if no one but me gives a dam. Because I am tired about not being believed back then and still want to know why no one believed my boyfriend and I that we heard a young woman being murdered when we told them back then.

While there (Millersylvania State Park, I kid you not,) my daughter took photos of a variety of things with her spanking new camera, including swampy areas. We noticed nothing unusual while we were there, but once we arrived home and uploaded the photos to the computer . . . What is that? What are we seeing that I don’t want to look at?

Photo by Callie Cobb

What is it that I don’t want to face?

I will post this again perhaps in a few years because of unanswered questions. I do cover this subject matter in my upcoming book: Moonwalks and Unknowns in more detail.  You are welcome to “follow me” for updates on that manuscript, which is 99.5% done with its final edit.

Today I’ll share this with others through the daily post  photo-prompt word:


“To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”

I realize it’s a little late, but perhaps better late than never.


7 thoughts on “Creepy “What is It” Photo

  1. The white in the water almost looks like a body or an ephemeral ghost, and there’s something very odd at the top. I wouldn’t call it a head but there’s something unusual there.

    Maybe I’m seeing those things because of the influence of your post. It’s amazing what suggestive writing can conjure.

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