Gawdawful Creepy

Is it more frightening to hear something you cannot identify or to see something—a threat— you hadn’t realized existed?

Would you rather be confronted by:

A pack of Dire-wolves or grizzly bears?

Angry Sasquatches or armed intruders?

A huge Star-ship blasting beams of light towards earth in search of unwary humans or standing within a forest of brittle trees during a major windstorm?

Yes, those are all threats you can see. But what about those sounds heard in the dead of night and in daylight hours that you cannot readily identify ? I’ve experienced a few of those and here are a couple of the strangest I’ve heard so far. This list is created with you in mind, so that if and when you happen to hear one of these, you’ll have a better idea of what to do.

1.When I was a rookie hiker, it baffled me as to why I kept hearing some fool mowing his lawn in the middle of wilderness nowhere-buck-two. I could hear him tug on the pull string thingie trying to start that push-mower motor. Trying again and again and the motor would thump like a miniature helicopter blade for a few seconds then die. Then it would start again and run for a while. My intellect told me there could be no person up in the mountains mowing grass but that’s exactly what my ears detected.

What’s your guess? A. Drone B. Remote controlled helicopter C. Ruffled Grouse


2. I was walking within the woods alongside the row of hedge beside my home over looking Hood Canal on a moonless night in the dead of winter when the sniffles hit me. The thick branches of hedge brushing my right shoulder exploded and I could do nothing at gasp at the sound of an angry banshee, the likes of which the old Irishman told me stories about in my youth, as she wailed, carried  up and away by demonically huge wings.

I realized what I was hearing once my heart settled down enough for my brain to think. I heard it again today. It sounded as if an eagle flew overhead gripping a dying pit-bull in it’s death throws within it’s talons. The dog croaked and croaked, its vocal chords straining against the strength of the huge eagles talons and as it continued to croak, it sounded like blood gurgled with  crashes of  spilling pea-gravel .

What’s your guess? A. An eagle carrying a dying dog B. A flying Sasquatch C. A Great Blue Heron

(Keep listening to the end for what I heard.)


3. Have you ever walked among the graves at an old graveyard in the middle of night within mists of fog on a dare? Have you heard the ghosts there? Yes, okay, I did. And yes, I did discover the ghouls that haunted there.

What’s your guess? A. Real ghosts B. Peacocks C. Owls


Which is more frightening to you, the seen or the unseen but heard? Do you have experiences any you’d like to share?



3 thoughts on “Gawdawful Creepy

  1. When I was about ten, I was so scared one night by what seemed to be someone scratching on the window screen. The next day I realized it was an overhead tree branch swaying on the roof on that windy night.

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    1. Yeah. Those branches can getcha. We stayed at a place where “ghosts” could be heard thumping on the roof. There were a lot of “comments” in the guest book on the counter telling about the ghosts so we were ready for the when they came a thumping. We watched them slide down the rain gutter spout and then beg for some cat food the owners kept next to the sliding glass doors. Fluffy ring-tailed critters with tiny black paws. They sure sounded bigger on the rooftop.

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