October 2016

Assignment: How will you interpret today’s theme?

I love water, fresh, clean, water. I love the spring rush, the new buds and that time of year following the dead of winter when I breathe air fragrant with sap on the rise in the rain forest valleys. Revival.

Spring Rush of the Hama Hama River. Photo by Lenee Cobb photo taken in April.

I love the smell of brine and taste of salt and capturing moments of time in the sand along the Salish Sea in the summer.

Sand art and photo by Lenee Cobb

I love the winds and moods of winter, the power of deep mystery upon fresh water lakes within the rain forest.

Stormy day at Lake Crescent. Photo by Lenee Cobb


And fall water flow full of fowl.

Digital Camera
Duck, Duck, Goose. Photo by Lenee Cobb, taken in October regardless of the stamp on the photo.


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