The New Look

talking fairy
Forest friends by Lenee Cobb

Hello everyone,

I’d like to know how you like the new look of my blog. I switched the theme so it will read better on various devices. There is still  fine-tuning left to do but I will get to it.

Please let me know what you think.

In other news, a little story I wrote is now published within the winter issue of Spotlight On Recovery magazine. The article is titled Salute to Strangers.

Oh, and the current header  image is a mixed media: colored pencil, magic marker, water color, and a smidgen of acrylic. It is the bottom half of a larger work.

Mixed media by Lenee Cobb. The scene takes place at Stanley Park, Vancouver Island. The peacocks are from the Olympic Game Farm, Sequim. I almost put swans in instead but the vote was for peacocks.


Keep in touch!



24 thoughts on “The New Look

  1. Love the peacock, and what a beautiful piece! As for the new look, having two sidebars is too much for me. Detracts from your gorgeous artwork. I would suggest picking one or the other, so we can focus on your lovely images.

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    1. Oh, thank you very much. I didn’t know I had 2 sidebars. I’m still investigating this theme. But I am so backlogged with work it might take me a little while. I appreciate this type of help a lot! Thank you again! I’m listening for other suggestions too so, everyone can pitch in while the gett’n’s good 🙂

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      1. Sure. In the left side bar I see the title of the post (I think), the date it was posted, and sharing buttons and such. In the right side bar is your search field, Recent Posts, Recent comments, Archives, Categories, etc.

        The post itself is between these two bars.

        I’m viewing on a PC. Don’t know if it shows up differently on a tablet or phone.

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      2. Hmm. I have a PC too and there is only the bar on the right with everything. Now, that’s weird. I might have to go into gidgits or whatever it’s called widgits maybe, to make sure it looks the same for all PC’s, at least. Thank you for letting me know.

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      3. I took a look at your theme. According to the specs, you have only two widget areas, the right sidebar and the footer. So what I thought was a left sidebar is actually part of the design. My mistake! I apologize. Also, that look has grown on me. Liking it more now. : )

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      4. Whew! I thought I was a goner. I wasn’t seeing how I could . . . well . . . I somehow feel so not alone now 🙂 Thank you so much for checking things over I was kinda going nuts 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. I’ll be giving art classes locally starting in March. I could teach you 🙂 I don’t know how I could get those sort of lessons up on line but I know others people do. I’m hoping to have some time in Feb. to learn some things in those regards.

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  2. Say, I tried replying to your comment about following my blogs, (Thank you!), but it wouldn’t take. Probably reached the thread limit. On my posts, you should see a comment field above the solid black line and Meta/RSS info. It will be below the posts, after the share buttons and “related posts.” If you don’t see one let me know, because, yikes!

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  3. Haven’t been by in a while. Too long. I like the look. I think it reflects your artistry better in the flow and feel of the “page”. It’s relaxed and comfortable. Comforting. Nice choice, well done 🙂


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