The Home Office: Fall Clean Up

The door to my office. My grand kids love it.
The door to my office. My grand kids love it.

I’d like to welcome you to my office.

The doorway frame remains unfinished–another project for another day, but come on in.

My post have been few and far between these last few months. I worked so hard on book edits and formatting that I experienced severe eyestrain and made a visit to the eye doctor.

A pair of new glasses should arrive sometime next week. And, Lord knows, there were ample household projects to separate me from the computer for a while, such as cleaning and reorganizing.

September and October have been my months for cleaning and organizing the household since my kids were little. I think it’s because this was the time of year they started school and I finally had the house to myself during the day.

It’s’ a seasonal thing for me to do, kind of like nesting. I must prepare for the holidays. I must prepare places to create the gifts I’ll give during the season, the set up for my rush of productivity during November and December.

When possible, the “season” also includes  time to write (for myself) and participate in  Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month.)

 We live in a small, well-worn home full of mix-matched secondhand things. I hope the atmosphere allows my clients to feel relaxed and inspired in some way. I usually roll in a high-backed soft suede office chair and a handy-dandy little Formica folding table on wheels (from the 1940’s maybe,) for them to set up their own small office area next to mine so we can collaborate in comfort. But some prefer the rocking chair. Here’s a couple of  pictures of my home office.

Clean organized office 1
Office 1
Clean organized office 2: Lenee Cobb
 Office 2: Lenee Cobb
Office 3. Lenee Cobb
Office 3.  Photos by Lenee Cobb

I reorganized my art room too. Here’s a peek:

Art room 1. Photo by Lenee Cobb
Art room 1. Photo by Lenee Cobb

I’m almost ready to begin writing again, and none too soon because Nano is right around the corner. Will I participate this year? I don’t know. I’ve many  projects in the works. Are you participating?

What are you doing to prepare for Christmas and/or Nano?

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