Sequim Lavender

Sequim Lavender Farm. Photo by Lenee Cobb
Sequim Lavender Farm. Photo by Lenee Cobb

This past weekend was the Sequim Lavender Festival. I don’t know which has worse traffic, the Irrigation (Irritation) Festival or the Lavender Festival. Both are huge events for such a small town. For those of us living here, trying to make left hand turns onto the only connecting road (Highway 101) is near impossible.

Twenty minute waits to make a left turn onto the highway while keeping your foot on the brake while you’re facing downhill anyway is frightening. Your legs and feet cramp up. Out-of-towners are always in a huge hurry and rarely if ever are they polite enough to just allow you to pull out in front of them. No, they speed up to cut you off at the pass whenever they can. This may sound like idle generalizations about tourists, but, unfortunately, that’s how things are. If any readers plan to visit our town for one of these festivals, just act like a local. Let us in. We’ll love you for it! Many of us were once out-of-towners too.

I love both festivals but don’t always make it to them. I didn’t this year. Home was so much quieter. But here is a photo from years past.The neat thing about this photo is that I am now working for a client who grew up on this farm. I’ll have to ask him about this old shed when I see him next. I didn’t know him at the time this photo was taken. Thanks to him writing about his childhood, I now know the history of that landmark farm.

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