Motion in Photography

Ah, motion, the thing this grandma has a hard time with in her photographs.

Using the different settings on my camera confuses me. I’m a point and shoot type of photographer who aims for decent composition but am in no way mechanically-minded enough to figure out what to do with the camera’s direction booklet as it relates to picture taking. Last time I made an effort, I had to have my daughter fix the camera so I could even use it again. (Both my son and daughter are camera-geeks. But because they’re not close-at-hand anymore, I dare not screw things up.)

Movements of my subjects have, on occasion, made for some interesting photos. I doubt my results are what this assignment was getting at but I’ll give one example, anyway.

The Camp Cook. Photo by Lenee Cobb
The Camp Cook. Photo by Lenee Cobb

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