Memory Triggers Week Two

Trigger Box 3. Photo by Lenee Cobb
Trigger Box 3. Photo by Lenee Cobb

Please click here to see my home page for Memory Triggers.

From Coach:

• Skin So Soft
• Lavender
• Springy frogs
• Dogwood blossoms

From classmates:

• Watermelons
• Constant moving
• Needed Roots
• Existing vs. living
• The Bed La Pete Club (What??? Say, I merely type these up. Sounds like some sort of interesting contest going on. 🙂 )
• The Merry 5 (We all want to read more about these things! Hoping you –whoever you are– share!)
• Karl & the stroller
• Roy Rogers (Trigger, Bullet, and of course, Dale Evans. Happy Trails!)
• Sounds–water
• Music–Holidays
• Taste–food I ate as a kid
• Scent–bonfire smoke in the fall, pumpkin spice
• Human weirdness
• how anxiety feels
• Obsession
• People who are prejudice
• Scary stories told to children
• Wedding
• New Chatty Cathy doll
• Unhappy animals
• Anger


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