Memory Triggers Week One

Trigger Box 3. Photo by Lenee Cobb
Trigger Box 3. Photo by Lenee Cobb

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From instructor:

• Abandonment
• Memorable camp-out/hunting trip
• Issues at school (one in particular: the teacher you hates, the time you were sent to the principal’s office, classmates  bullying or teasing.) How many rode a horse to school or had to walk real far? School locker room or PE memory
• Family reunions when you were a kid
• Farming in the early morning

From classmates:

• Rabbit with pink eyes
• Kindergarten
• Baby brother
• Age 3: falling asleep on the steps
• Bedrooms were upstairs and bathrooms were downstairs
• Ohio: lots of snow, climbing up snow drifts
• First day of school
• Graduation
• Weddings
• Rural school: childhood
• Activities while in high school
• Friends of long ago
• Humiliation in the 7th grade
• Harp key
• Victory hike
• Sense of smell
• Unfairness
• Sense of taste
• Vows-HA!!
• I don’t read that kind of thing.
• Lies, honesty, doesn’t matter
• Dandelion wine
• My favorite swing
• When mother was dying
• Fierce accident
• First boyfriend
• Fear of no one caring what I have to say
• Feelings of shame
• Musical songs
• Recipes


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