Blogging 101: Day 1

Blogging 101 Day 1

just me
just me

I’m here at blogging 101 (and photo 101) because I’ve taken writing 101 and want to improve my blog, my writing, my exposure, and to meet and learn from fellow bloggers. I’m discovering a whole world of wonderful people and enjoy reading about their experiences and expertise.

Because I am a writing coach, writing is a topic of interest. However, my interests are varied. I’m also an artist, herbalist, adventurer in heart if no longer body, wife, mom, grandma, friend, and last but first of all I’m a basic Christian. My subject matter varies accordingly.

Recognize my header image? This (the wolves and cave,) is still a work in progress. Art by Lenee Cobb
Recognize my header image? This (the wolves and cave,) is still a work in progress. Art by Lenee Cobb

Throughout this next year I’d really like to discover what readers are interested in reading more about, whether it’s life stories or totally fictional goofy stuff, not that real life doesn’t include goofy stuff–mine certainly does. Writing 101 offered many challenges and I expect Blogging 101 will also.

I’m also doing my best to learn blogging and learn it well so I can help others. Some of my clients desire to blog and expect me to teach them the ropes. It’s the old “you go first” thing going on. I’m expected to lead by example, for better or worse. Hopefully better.

The biggest challenge is for me to write, a lot, on top of working and housekeeping and having some occasional fun. In the Life Stories class I teach, I’ve told students that what they happen to read on my blog is, for the most part, unedited. I don’t have the time it takes to thoroughly edit my writing before posting. This is important for them to know because part of my job is to edit the writing of others. It’s also important for them to know that yes, we can write more than 225 words a week. A new class begins tomorrow.

Therefore, my fellow bloggers and readers, if you happen to spot something of mine that needs fixed, please comment about those errors to me so I can revise my post with the corrections. You bet I’ll thank you for it!

I have a number of manuscripts (of my own as verses those of my clients) going.

• I’m 60,000+ words into a collection of stories/memoir titled Moonwalks and Unknowns featuring the Trespassers. I’ve included some excerpts of these on my blog already and plan to include a few more.

• I’d also like to expand the stories about homesteading and wildlife into a manuscript. Because of that, I’m always writing more here at home than meets the eye of my blog readers.

• I need to get my color/story/activity book wrapped up and on sale. However, I need to decide whether to keep it all as one product or divide it up according to age group (read “target market”.) I really don’t want to divide it up and that is something I might blog about. I probably should blog about that. See? This blogging/free-writing generates ideas for future subject matter. There is so much to write about!

• There is one other manuscript ready to go except for the index that deals with an aspect (or two or three) of Christianity. Therefore, I’m studying how to create indexes. I wish I was rich and could hire someone to do that for me. Heavy sigh.

I’ve been told in various classes and read many articles that recommend having a separate website/blog for every single project. Ugh. Blogging is something I need to master regardless. Perhaps I’ll learn how to do it so well that I can somehow combine everything in one place.

Cheers to all of you participating in blogging 101! May we all accomplish our goals.

6 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Day 1

  1. I love your art it’s really good, you are very talented and I like your title it says it all, I tried to write but think I am still in the scribble stage loll.

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    1. Thank you. Enjoy the scribble stage for all its worth, whether writing or painting. The scribble stage is the journey with many layers to it–twists and turns. I love the journey. I hope you will too. 🙂


  2. I once expressed concerns that allowing my blog to include various subjects would lack cohesion. A Blogging101 classmate told me she thought it was interesting to be able to see different aspects of the same person. That idea set me free to explore different subjects, so I thought I would pass her reassurance on! (I have read that you can also export a particular category of a WordPress blog and import it into a new blog if you wanted in the future)

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