Versatile Award Nomination

Oh my gosh! I was just nominated for an award by Simply Marquessa! It’s called the Versatile award. Where are these awards found, anyways? I still have yet to discover their hiding place. Perhaps if I put on my old Nancy Drew Coat and hold up my magnifying glass when I search around WordPress, it will help. Folks can read Simply Marquessa’s wonderful blog by clicking the link in this sentence. To vie for this prestigious award, (I’m pressuming it’s prestigious, I’ve never heard of it before, but it does sound fitting, doesn’t it,) I’m required to do a few … Continue reading Versatile Award Nomination

Guilt in a Box

  Guilt in a Box by Lenee Cobb I saved up my money and bought them and then, I killed them all. The king. The queen. All their subjects. The entire kingdom. Never had I felt so low. So guilty. Murderer. Why didn’t the advertisement in the back of the Archie comic book warn me about this? They should never allow an eleven-and-a-half-year-old to have this kind of responsibility. How was I ever going to convince my parents I was old enough to babysit myself and my little brothers if I killed all my monkeys? I’d been ever so diligent … Continue reading Guilt in a Box