Life Stories Session VI

Life Stories Session VI


The past couple weeks we’ve spent much class time coming up with memory triggers as we read the assignments handed in. There were a number of tales I’d enjoy reading in first person present and I do hope a few attending the class will decide to experiment writing that way.

I decided to have some fun and write an assignment from the Writing 101 class that way. It might not be perfect but it was quickly done. You can click on the link: The Stray Sod for an example of what we discussed on our Life Stories class.

I mentioned including a classmates paper here, one which she gave me permission to include. Her paper is a perfect example of writing about a past that many would find difficult and frightening to live through once, let alone relive.

Yes, I’ve made notes and you can read them along with her story here: Cat and Mouse by Lydia.

We, as writers, are stronger than we think and it’s important for us to remember that.

This week’s memory triggers

Instructor gleaning off class discussions the students were too busy to write down:

• No TV
• Persian Gulf War
• Mothballs
• Hanging clothes
• Quilt
• Goldfish and guppies
• Sea Monkeys
• Cement floors
• Moose
• Women accidentally tucking their skirts inside of their pantyhose
• People trailing TP
• Inner tubes
• Swim class
• Farting in church
• Awful Depression era meals (Saltines, sugar, and stewed tomatoes; fried Spam with green beans)
• Greasy grimy gopher guts
• Saturday Matinee

Classmates (evidence of too much talking and thinking to notate their own triggers):
• Firm foundation
• Trust
• Inner peace


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