The Haunted Trailers

The Haunted Trailers 3/12/15 By Lenee Cobb This is an excerpt from Moonwalks and Unknowns featuring The Trespassers 1962 (I think.) Unbeknownst to me, my mom was pregnant with my first brother, Gerald. He was born in February, but he was the first baby born that year and because of that, he was the New Year Baby. My folks won some free gasoline for his birth. It was snowing the night he was born. I was at the hospital in the lobby where there was a TV and a couch and some chairs. Alice and Wonderland was on and it … Continue reading The Haunted Trailers

The Writer’s Need for Approval and Reasons Why It’s Often Unattainable

3/10/15 by Leneé Cobb One day, I overheard my new mother-in-law talking to someone on the phone: “She’s one of those artsy fartsy types. Fancies herself a painter or writer or some damned thing.” Perhaps some of you can relate. But I must say this upfront and now: If all of us waited for approval from others for what we’re writing, how many manuscripts would ever get finished? For the record, the relationship with my mother-in-law improved only slightly when I mentioned transcribing some of her family stories. The need for approval is strong in us. It’s tougher, I think, … Continue reading The Writer’s Need for Approval and Reasons Why It’s Often Unattainable

Class in Session

It’s Wednesday afternoon. The class for Writing Life Stories took place yesterday. Welcome again to everyone who made it! Besides introductions, we covered: Writers are performing artists, Why write, Approval, Beginning memory triggers, and touched on Writing flavors. These aspects of writing I plan to write more about here, on the Blog, so I hope readers stay tuned for those. One of the special things that we learned during introductions is that one woman taking the class belongs to a group of performing artists known locally as The Story People of Clallam County. This thrilled me, because I’ve attended three … Continue reading Class in Session

My Thanks to Fellow Writers

I’d like to thank all the writers on Nanowrimo 2013 and 2014 for helping me in my research. I might not have done a lot of story writing these past two years (on this novel) but I did accomplish a lot more research for it. My fictional story takes place in the Middle East (between the Black Sea and northern Africa) around 3,ooo B.C. This is an area so full of history that I’d love to visit it, but presently, I can only do so through the experiences of others who’ve been or are there. I still have a lot … Continue reading My Thanks to Fellow Writers

Writing Life Stories

3/5/15 Hello all writers, especially those of you residing in Sequim! Classes for WRITING YOUR LIFE STORY begin Tuesday March 10th at 1p.m. (and every Tuesday thereafter during March) at Shipley Center. That’s right, four classes that run for 2 hours each. That’s enough time to cover a lot of subject matter. I’ll be blogging about things we’ll cover in those classes, so check back here on a weekly basis. Please send me any questions you have. I’d love to hear from you. I’m thrilled to be able to offer these classes and look forward to meeting some of you … Continue reading Writing Life Stories