Land of the Midnight Sun Part 1

I am a survivor of the 1964 Alaskan earthquake. A publisher has spoken for the first printing rights to that specific story. The following tale is but a scribble still coming into composition. Readers bear with me here. Thanks. Part 1   Alaska. Even the name sounds icy. For me, a four-year-old steeped in stories of Santa Claus and Christmas trees; it was love at first sight. We arrived at Elmendorf Air Force Base when it was still summer, and I met my other first love, a neighbor boy, John. He was a year older than I was and could … Continue reading Land of the Midnight Sun Part 1

Once Upon a Dark and Storybook Night

By Leneé Cobb (Excerpt from Moonwalks and Unknowns) Around 1960/’61. I’m four. The Air Force transferred Daddy from Andrews Air Force Base in South Carolina to Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. We drove north through the U.S. and then across Canada to get there. Somewhere within the vast Canadian countryside, this happened: I don’t know how many days we’d been driving nor where all we’d stayed but I do remember traveling across a far expanse of flat country. Sometimes there were woods, sometimes not, just rolling hills and flatland. This particular day had been foggy and as twilight descended, the fog … Continue reading Once Upon a Dark and Storybook Night