Life Stories Session Two

This week was fun and enlightening. We spoke of shadow people. (See the post here.)
And we also were entertained by a someone well able to handle the limelight, Jean Cameron. Jean is our resident Storyteller,

"Planting Magic." Photo by Callie Cobb.
“Planting Magic.” Photo by Callie Cobb.

a woman gifted in the art of storytelling in front of an audience. She delighted us with her grandfather’s tale of elves and lollypop mines. For her to share this tale on St. Paddy’s Day was perfect.

She made me think of my own grandpa, Candygarden and the game of Candyland. It’s spring. Let’s make sure to plant some sweet magic of our own.

We also heard a few of our fellow writers read their tales and laughed and cried along with them. I’ve read the stories of those who brought their works to share. Wow. Every single one is so interesting. I look forward to our next session!

Memory Triggers

From Coach:

Skin So Soft
Springy frogs
Dogwood blossoms

From classmates:
(These are submitted nameless in a makeshift ballot box each week.)

Constant moving
Needed Roots
Existing vs. living
The Bed La Pete Club (What??? Say, I merely type these up. Sounds like some sort of interesting contest going on. 🙂 )
The Merry 5 (We all want to read more about these things! Hoping you –whoever you are– share!)
Karl & the stroller
Roy Rogers (Trigger, Bullet, and of course, Dale Evans. Happy Trails!)
Taste–food I ate as a kid
Scent–bonfire smoke in the fall, pumpkin spice
Human weirdness
how anxiety feels
People who are prejudice
Scary stories told to children
New Chatty Cathy doll
Unhappy animals


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